Zero Point Five



Pop Folk / New-Country






The music of Zero Point Five is a combination of pop, folk, and country, with their songs reminiscing of acts like Mumford & Sons and Zac Brown Band. The project which started as a high school folk duo in 2009, evolved into one of Luxembourg's most popular and authentic live powerhouses, playing festivals all over the Grand Duchy and is one of the most air played bands on national radio and television. As a duo, trio, or 6-piece-band, they know how to use their banjos, mandolins, fiddles, and guitars to make the crowd dance. Their smoky-smooth voices and danceable tunes will take every audience on a ride through the universe of folk-Americana inspired pop music. In 2019, after the release of their second album "Southern Breeze", the band hit the roads all over Europe to present their tried and tested concept, all while innovating the very basics of their musical genre. Between the Grand Duchy and Honolulu, between Tennessee vibes and European summer, ZERO POINT FIVE give any place on earth its soundtrack.