Seed to Tree









Luxembourg-based indie rockers 'Seed to Tree' traffic in an amalgam of shoegaze, folk, new wave and Bon Iver-tinged indie-pop. Emerging in 2012, the group initially formed as a folk- oriented project around a group of childhood friends, their sense of camaraderie evident in their band name. 'Seed to Tree' began to make waves in 2019 with the release of their well-received sophomore effort Proportions and opening slots for Beirut, The Temper Trap and Villagers, as well as tours across Europe. Refusing to rest on the laurels of these achievements, they continue to expand their cinematic brand of indie rock to stunning effect. On their upcoming EP A Little Life the band returns with a welcome change-up, as they move away from their trademark indie sound, experiment with electronics and write from a more mature perspective. Returning with a refined collection of songs loosely based on Hanya Yanagihara's eponymous novel, the band reflects on the value of friendship, the fleeting moments of life and the guilt that comes with living a sheltered existence. Guided by an intimate voice that reminds you of the strongest moments of now-defunct The Morning Benders, their sound is in equal parts atmospheric and uplifting, stretching further in almost every direction that Proportions staked out. Driven by vintage synth chords reminiscent of Beach House, the band often remains subdued while the vocals take center stage. A Little Life's lead single showcases a portamento effect ('Run slow, slow down') that makes a strong case for human connection, layering the voice in a long and sweeping motion. In composing some of the most engaging music of their career, the band's evolution has comecfull circle. The result is a dramatic collision of past and present looking ahead to an unbound future.