De Läb



Hip Hop / Rap






Luxembourg's cultural heritage when it comes to Hip Hop made in Luxembourg. They have been around since 2007 and played every stage there is in Luxembourg at least twice - including the slot as support act for Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill. This 7-piece live band is formed by 4 of Luxembourg's most established musicians (Benoit Martiny, Rene Macri, Georges Sadeler and Michel Lopes), including DJ Funkstarr (one of the best around) and of course fronted by the rap duo Corbi and David Fluit. They are true masters of their own craft, covering today's topics with a rather old-school approach. All lyrical content is in Luxembourgish and can be described as controversial and political, urging their audience to be more self-reflective in their every-day-actions. Serious messages layered with some of the smoothest boom bapin' funky jazz rhythms you have ever heard, just to point out the controversy even more. Their intention is to serve the listener a fun time, but most importantly spread a message with a certain sense of humour. A true live band with the intention to rock any given show and audience!