Culture the Kid



Hip Hop / Alternative






When asked why he makes music, Culture the Kid, a Luxembourgish rapper and vocalist of Brasilian descent will reply that “it’s about leaving a trace”. There are few limits to the sounds the Kid will use to paint out every thought and emotion that encompasses his existence. His train of thought, which he proclaims to be “an express line” is the main force behind his constant explorations of fear and ego, a leitmotif throughout his compositions. Starting out as a protegé of old-school rappers in Luxembourg, he is slowly gravitating toward more experimental and progressive spheres of rap without forgetting what made the genre great. Culture the Kid prides himself on his penmanship and will not shy away from a grandiose metaphor and complex formulas to bring his point across. Fluent in 6 languages, he chose English, Portuguese and French to be the ones to transcribe his mind. His unbridled energy during his live performances is sure to leave none indifferent as he oscillates between flamboyant ego trips and deep introspection. Culture the Kid has been spotted on various lineups among many great names such as OG Keemo, Ninho, Luidji and NeS and been the opening act for artists equally as renowned such as Selah Sue or MC Cabelinho. Culture the Kid prepares to delve deeper into his Brasilian heritage in future projects and diversify his target audience as well as develop further collaborations with Nu Jazz Band Jambal.