Kill Emil



Hip Hop / Reggae Hip Hop


EU (Except Greece)




Kill Emil is a DJ and producer based in Athens, Greece – by way of Brazil – who, since 2009, has created a healthy discography of potent beats and sublime atmospheres. With an early inspiration in hip hop, Kill Emil has been prolifically chopping up breaks on his MPC. He laces hip hop-based beats with his own upbeat rhythms to go above and beyond typical looped downtempo sounds. Sophisticated beats, positive grooves and warm loops characterize his sound while his warm instrumentals border on otherworldliness has matured immensely and he always stays head-noddingly fresh. So it's not surprising that he regularly tours all over Europe. Kill Emil has been on the road for almost a decade and has a remarkable output of singles & LPs on various labels. His most impressive releases to date have been his “Ghost Diary” LP which dropped back in May, and the “Salvation” LP from 2015, which solidified his esoteric and earthy sound. In addition to his regular album releases all these years, he has also produced several Singles and EPs with Afro, Cumbia, Latin tunes, as well as a reggae, Hip hop album "A Better Place", which was released in December 2017.