All Reitz Reserved



Electronica Downtempo Ambient






Take a bunch of violin melodies, layer them carefully. Add a handful of synthesizers and drum machines. Stir well. Take reverb and delay. Season with improvisation to taste. Now close your eyes and enjoy. And even though this sounds like a recipe to All Reitz Reserved’s sound – you will not ever get the same result twice. Chris’ influences vary from the roots of ambient and electronic music to 90’s triphop and deep house. Being a sucker for dreamy and colorful soundscapes, he uses real-world textures and ambiances to give his works a pictorial connotation, effectively combining synthetic and organic sounds alike. Chris is convinced that live music should be given space to breathe, grow and evolve, improvisation is a key factor for his live performances, enabling him to interact and connect with his audiences. Among his many compositions, KLOK, written for Serj Tankian’s 7 notes challenge, reached top 100 among 2000+ submissions. In addition to his solo project, Chris is a driving force of folk/ new country outfit Zero Point Five (LU) and grunge band Ptolemea (LU). In early 2018 Chris ranked among the top 100 out of 2000 finalists in Serj Tankian’s 7 note challenge with his track KLOK.