Hip Hop / Lofi






The secret to the name that is so hard to pronounce is quickly revealed: Real name, no gimmicks! Wilczynski is his real name! At least with surnames. The producer from southern Germany has been interested in all the different hip hop disciplines for a long time, before he himself eventually got stuck in beatmaking almost 8 years ago. As a defining moment he mentions the encounter with dude26, an Icon to the German beat scene, whom he got to know through his full-time job as a social worker during a workshop. He motivated and encouraged him to engage more intensively with his music and opened up the world of instrumental Hip Hop to him, which works completely detached from any rappers. He worked up all his courage to release his first album "Zwischen Küche & Couch" in 2014. Even then, he concentrated on a very relaxed sound based on jazz and soul, inviting the listener to chill and hang out, mainly created in his MPC2500. At the beginning there is always a suitable sample, which came exclusively from vinyl and should not have been used by another producer before. Once the basic structure is in place, he proceeded with the arrangement. Wilczynski isn't satisfied with a boring loop/drum combination, but rather works on the beats until they sound varied and catchy enough at the same time. In this way, seven more albums and EPs have been created so far, including collaborations with various rappers. In addition there are some singles, collaborations or contributions to various compilations. In general Wilczynski is a very active and sociable musician who has built up a considerable international network over the years and uses it for his self curated compilation series “Looplanguage” and his own event Cornerloops. He is always a welcomed guest on jams all across the world and has had rememberable gigs in major cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Zürich, Strasbourg or Luxembourg! You are definitely in for a treat with this guy on stage!