Dany Le loup



Rap Français






Dany le Loup is a french-spitting, Luxembourgish hip hop artist of Portuguese descent, hailing from the western part of Luxembourg. He is commonly known as the frontman in the reggae / ska band Los Dueños. His rough influences mainly come from hardcore hip hop and punk music, as he himself used to be a bass player and a vocalist in various punk bands throughout his early musical career. This also explains the rather dark, emotional approach he has taken in his songs nowadays - a true lyricist who speaks his mind, constantly battling the demons that haunt him while trying to keep control of his emotions in a world that is practically numbed by consumerism and a televised reality. His live performance is always at a 150% power rate and will take the audience onto an emotional rollercoaster ride of hard truths, human decadence, but also love and compassion. It's a constant struggle of being caught between light and darkness. So far he has released the split EP "Sick Little World I" with UK rapper Draper in 2017 and his debut solo EP "Mon EP" in December 2018. Additionally he has been featured on multiple tracks with Maka MC and Nicool. The follow-up album of the Sick Little World split EP, called Sick Little World II, is currently being finalised and Dany le Loup is already in the studio recording his debut solo album, due to be released by the end of the year or early in 2021.